The Cedar Spire Treehouse at Melville House as featured on BBC Scottish news

fairtale castle

fairtale castle

After a severe lighting strike destroyed the largest limb of a 500 year old Cedar tree, the owner was looking for an interesting way to fill the sizeable gap that remained. Our solution was to create a stunning and unique structure that could be used as a fantasy Treehouse for children, but which could also keep the adults thoroughly entertained.

Standing at the end of a long driveway on a grand Scottish estate in Fife, this imposing Treehouse stands at over 45 feet tall, with the large natural Cedar shingle roof blending in not only with it’s surroundings, but also with the copper clad fairytale turrets.

Sunlight streams through the stained glass windows and doors – the top floor being a secluded space reached by a ladder making it an ideal place for an exciting sleepover.

Across a suspended bridge sits a large treedeck under the shelter of an attractive Copper beech.

Veiw the Feature


3 Responses

  1. that is the coolest tree-house I’ve ever seen, interesting story

  2. I love this tree house it’s so beautiful, are you the guys doing one for Madonna?

  3. Love the storybook feel of this tree house..A castle in a tree…It’d be cool if you could somehow incorporate a little moat with maybe a drawbridge but that might be getting a little too carried away:)

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