Take Advantage of the Views From A Tree-Deck In Your Own Yard
June 2, 2009

For those who are tired of traditional garden decking, Tree-Decks are the latest must-have. Constructed up in the leafy boughs of a tree, Tree-Decks are where aesthetic beauty and beautiful functionality meet in perfect harmony. They are as practical as they are pleasing to the eye, an area for dining, entertaining and for children to play on.

Tree-Decks are as bespoke as the hoist tree in which they are constructed in and come in all shapes and sizes as well as staircases and balustrade options, a real alternative traditional decking.

Treasured Dreams, the pioneers of Tree-Decks, are the experts who have taken traditional decking to a higher level.

“Tree-Decks seem to fascinate everyone,” says Gordon Brown. “Children think they’re a make-believe land, men view them as adventurous and women as romantic.”

As seen in Trend hunter magazine www.trendhunter.com