Treehouse History

Scraping your knees and feeling the wind ruffle your hair as you climb a tree is a timeless pursuit of childhood. Where there are trees and humans, there have always been Treehouses, places to sleep, to eat and to dream.

Our most distant ancestors were tree-dwellers, living where they were safe from prowling animals, disease and floodwater. Throughout history, right up to present day, there are fascinating accounts of the building of homes in the treetops.

Many famous people have built Treehouses; John Lennon had one overlooking Strawberry Fields Orphanage and Winston Churchill constructed a Treehouse twenty feet up a Lime Tree at his home.

Britain is home to one of the oldest Treehouses in existence. At Pitchford Hall situated on private land near Action Burnell in Stropshire, a Treehouse was constructed during the 16th century. Queen Victoria visited the Treehouse in 1832 when she was a young Princess.

The most famous European example, was the restaurant dubbed ‘Les Robinsons’ eight miles west of Paris, from 1948, chic Parisians spent Sundays eating and drinking in the trees. A popular meal was roast chicken and champagne – each course hoisted up by the guest in a basket pulley. In its heyday there were two hundred tables available and it was a popular venue for hosting family celebrations and weddings. More than 150 years later the tradition is being continued in a similar venue at Alnwick Garden in Northumberland.


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